Oh Sweet Victory…

I worked my way back into the Terra Cave.

Let me say that tonight was NOT my lucky night. I don’t know what random throw I got that made me hit as many encounters as I did or such difficult ones but it was a rough run.

I had to take advantage of the memo save in order to do it though. I ended up running into 10 Piscodemon, wizard Cthulhu, encounters of at least 3 or more. I killed a few rounds of them but my HP was so low as did my supplies if I wanted anything left for the boss I had to just let them kill me and run again from the memo save.

It took three tries to finally get the boss (I did a memo save before fighting, I just wasn’t up for doing the maze run another time after all those Piscodemons). What I found really interesting though was the differences between each fight. It was the same starting stats, all characters alive, same starting levels, literally identical.

Fight 1

Petyr hits Job with Haste, Jon attacks doing about 50 damage, Sansa hits Jon with Invis, Sam attacks and does about 18 damage.

Petyr hits Jon with Steel, Jon attacks doing about 74 damage, Sansa heals Jon, Sam attacks doing 2 damage.

The boss hit with Ice2 and killed Sam.

Petyr manages to hit the boss with Fire3 to do 174 damage.

Then the boss cast Ice again and everyone died.

Fight 2

Petyr manages to cast Haste on Jon, Jon attacks, Sansa casts Shld on Jon, Sam attacks does 54.

The boss casts Ice and kills Sam.

Petyr casts Fire3 and it does 250 damage.

A couple more rounds of fighting and eventually Ice again and kills everyone.

Fight 3

I decided to have Petyr do Fire3 first this time. it only did 74 damage this time. I was disappointed. But somehow we managed and eventually did kill the boss. Sam did die though. It was a shame he could have used to share in that EXP.

But I was just so happy to have won.

I’d really love to see some of the coding that determines some of these events. I’ve never been particularly interested in that for any other Final Fantasy game but because this run I did run into so many Piscodemon encounters and because the power of Fire3 changed so dramatically I’m very intrigued.

I’ve asserted previously that this game has really required a more tactical approach then I have personally had to demonstrate in later installments. However, that has not excluded the luck factor. Whatever random detail dictates what I will run into, what attacks will be made against me, and what damage I will be doing does still have a big effect.

I never expected to win that third round. When I saw Petyr go down to 4 HP, I didn’t bother to protect him. I just had him keep casting fire, and it did a HUGE help. Fire2 even striking the boss at 170 HP. I could not have predicted that. There was no real strategy with Petyr at that point. It was just balls to the wall all out attack with whatever life he had left. I believe he actually managed to be the one to make the final blow.

So yes, there is more necessity to play smart. But if you get a bad draw you’re still boned.

Now I move onward with the game and in the new area I’ve made it to the enemies are pretty tough. I figure this means before going for the next dungeon and the next boss fight I probably have no choice but to do some grinding. My level 13 team is not quite up to snuff right now. I am only at about 15ish hours though for this game. I’m not sure if that is a good sign or a bad one.

In later installments that I have played, and in many RPG games for that matter, the many hours you put into the game quantifies how good you are, how much you enjoyed it, and how well you really got to know the game. When talking with others we always have to add, “Oh I put in x hours” or some variation on the same statement. People need to know just how much time the clock was at.

Did spending X amount of hours grinding and exploring really change the story? Not necessarily. In same cases it can certainly add to the story but I’ve yet to experience a game where the little extras I found in side quests really MADE the story. But one thing possibility is more that you lost yourself so many hours in a fabricated world. So the more hours of enjoyment you got the happier you are in the end.

I can say that I have personally felt some disappointment when playing a game that only lasts maybe 5 hours total but I could have really used more of that world. I felt it bad with The Order (I know, I know a lot of people aren’t fond of this game), but hear me out a moment, The Order’s game play was lackluster and the very clear path you had to play along sometimes sucked. But I personally felt those things sucking the way they to be a testament of how well crafted the world was. It couldn’t really be contained the way that the game was contained. There was no exploration really possible in that game.

So that being said, I don’t feel as though I have been shorted on any exploration in Final Fantasy. The world is open, I still wish I had a map, and you’re able to really just kind of go. You have to follow the hints from talking to people even to find your way around the world. But we are talking 8-bit days. I may really not need 70+ hours for this one.

But I am still watching that supposedly not important well that is back in Cornelia. It has yet to be important…

Side note: Episode Gladio dropped today (3/28). I haven’t had a chance to play but I’m VERY excited!!!

Another Side Note: Today Kingdom Hearts 1.5 & 2.5 Remix for the PS4 also came out. And better yet, today (3/28) marks the 15th anniversary of the release of Kingdom Hearts.


To anyone who has never played Kingdom Hearts I encourage giving it a try. It is a really great game. The series has gotten kind of out of control and yes we’re still waiting for 3 to ever happen and yes the story is confusing at times but it is amazing and it will hit you with the feels.

Happy 15th Birthday Kingdom Hearts, if you were a person we could start taking you out to teach you to drive. But you’re not… So… Just know I love the many hours of enjoyment you brought me.