Sidequest of Cactuars

So I’m taking brief detour from Final Fantasy. Only to Final Fantasy XV though. There’s a limited time quest going on until Monday March 6th. You can do it more than once and it is killing cactuars. It generates 10,000 exp, like 150,000 gil, and 333 AP. I had to take advantage. I’ve run it twice now and bumped my levels from 55 (Noctis) and 54 (Ignis, Gladio, Prompto) to 69 (Noctis) and 68 (Ignis, Gladio, Prompto).

Seriously if you have FFXV this quest is worth breaking out! I’ve beaten the game but its still pretty cool.

This actually brings me to why I’m posting today. FFXV is an amazing game and you can really see Square putting an effort into making you want to keep playing. I’ve beaten this game. I’m still playing this timed quest. I’m going to try and play through a couple more times before this is over because its an awesome way to level up and I still have a few trophies to get (I’m aiming to 100% this one) and some weapons to accumulate.

But overall I’m just very impressed with Square because they are making such an effort to make people go back and keep playing XV. I really feel as though I’m getting my money worth with this game.

This isn’t the first thing that’s been done either because we also had the Moogle Chocobo Festival which while silly was totally fun. I think my biggest disappointment from that though was that my fishing didn’t level up from trying to compete for the better gear during the festival. I also was a little sad that the boys didn’t join Noct. But overall it was cute, I gained some AP, some experience, and just had a great time.

Anywho! If anyone does decide to play this timed quest make sure to have the boys dine on something that amplifies their experience gained, I had them eat the Triple Decker sandwich from Wiz’s Chocobo Post. After I did the two runs I went and stayed at the hotel at Galdin Quay so that I could double what I’d already increased by 50%. TOTALLY worth the gil! I’m sure there are some other things that can be done to help really maximize the rewards this is just what I’ve done so far.

So just a thank you shout out to Square and I’m off to try and take advantage of this excellent farming opportunity!