In the past month and a half I have been experiencing the very first installment of the Final Fantasy series.

No I did not play this on the NES. The image above is one found from a generic internet search. I played this game via the Final Fantasy Tactics downloadable found on the PS3.

This was my first time ever playing Final Fantasy 1 and I have had quite the journey as you can read in my blog installments as I went.

I began this journey as a means to try and get a greater scope of these games. They’ve been around for 30 years, there are 15 main game series installments of which I’d only played a handful. So as my way of celebrating 30 years of Final Fantasy I’m going back to where it started.

Many years ago, I watched a special on G4 (yea that’s how long ago, G4 was still a channel and it was still showing gaming content) that discussed the history of Final Fantasy some. They talked about how this game was going to be the last published by Square, hence the name, Final Fantasy. Is this true? I don’t necessarily know. But regardless the game was such a success that Square (Squaresoft at the time) managed to keep the lights on.

Furthermore from this game they managed to set in motion a game series that people are excited for. Just this past November I was thrilled to purchase a Final Fantasy XV PS4. Yea, that’s right. And it all started with this game that the industry could even allow me to do that.

I also hoped from all of this that I would find some great insight into the stories and the real art that goes into this series. I do feel as though I have gained some understanding as I come to the end of this first game. I started writing this about page originally to be a sum up of information about the first game in the series but as I wrote it really just became an explanation of what this blog is about.

Playing this first game has made me really think about how I play video games in general today. Of course I played Super Mario and Legend of Zelda back on the old NES system when I was kid. I will always remember those days. I am an only child and I remember my mom or my dad playing with me. And the princess was always in another castle. I had no saves just had to play and play and hope to make it eventually.

But this is not a game I ever owned before. It is in fact, a few months older than me. And it has required a different kind of approach and a different kind of strategy.

So I am writing this up as I wait to defeat the final dungeon in the first Final Fantasy game and so here I am maybe 11-12 blog posts in and I finally figured out what I’m blogging with some level of certainty and direction.

So, here’s the basics:

I am playing primary installments. So 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 13, and 15. You may notice that 11 and 14 are missing, I don’t even know that the servers are still up for 11 and currently I don’t intend to play 14. These two installments are MMORPGs and are not really easily worked with what I’m doing.

I’m studying the stories, characters, gameplay, and art. I’m looking at how they’re evolving through the years.

These games are old there’s really nothing new I can say about them. So I’m really just sharing my experience as I play them, many for the very first time.

I will tangent, I’ve already done so when the anniversary of Kingdom Hearts came up, but I will try to keep things on topic. So with that I hope anyone reading this enjoys sharing this experience with me. Please feel free to comment and share your own experiences with these games.

Happy 30th Final Fantasy!


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