First, I actually started this post like a week and a half ago but due to some work stuff I wasn’t able to finish my write up.

I have defeated the final dungeon! I didn’t really do much grinding to level up but I basically had to rely on the memo save.

This dungeon was intense though. Its a maze that runs you through all the fiends and then we get to the big boss, Chaos.

Chaos was a hard hitter. I had to do the fight three times and in the final round I lost everyone but Jon. But thankfully he is strong.

Eventually Chaos sank down and the world was safe once more! I was really surprised when it happened because I was sure I was going down.

The story came to an end and no one will remember a thing…

It was really a great experience to get to play this game. I do look forward to playing FFII. I have come to find a lot of inspirations for modern Final Fantasy games and my personal favorite RPG Legend of Dragoon.

In this game the White Mage turned White Wizard was essential to my game. You can change it so that you play without one. This I imagine is quite the challenge. Since I played with defaults Sansa, my white mage, was absolutely necessary to keep alive because she was the one who possessed the Life spell. I hoarded this one for boss fights so I could revive whoever.

In my experience with the later installments of the series I usually slack on my white mage because they’re so weak and in those games I can use Phoenix Down to revive.

There be no Phoenix Down though. And potions restore such a small amount that the Heal and Cure spells were more valuable in this game.

I also found myself using my Black Mage more who is another I generally don’t bother with in later games. However, the success odds seem to be much better in this first installment to the series. Sure the insta-death spells didn’t always hit but they had any success rate at all. They didn’t feel like total wastes of time to cast.

Petyr even proved useful enough to save me in a boss fight with one of his spells. For the longest time he was the only one able to cast Haste until Sam got upgraded to Ninja and was able to learn the ability as well.

Sam was quite possibly the more useless character of the game. Prior to becoming a Ninja, when he was only a thief, he maintained the second highest HP but honestly was very weak to attacks and would go down easily and often. Once he became a Ninja he did become more useful being able to cast Dark Magic spells and seeming to have gained some fortitude. I feel as though he did not live up to his given name.

Jon… where would I be without my Warrior turned Knight. He really was the powerhouse of this game. He could take a hit and he could dish them out. He also could equip some of the best weapons. He generally was the one who stayed standing through the fights and in the final battle he was the ONLY one still standing against Chaos.

All in all this was a great experience for the first game. I look forward to II!


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