To the Center of the World

Well I usually try to post on Sundays. I missed yesterday because I was trying like hell to finish the game. I’m 99% sure I’m on the final dungeon.

Anywho! So I went back into the Sunken Shrine for some more exploration I had missed a whole floor! I also got some leveling up done and… I fought water-

Yea… that’s right WATER.

Also found the Mermaids… they did exist! Still not a side quest or anything but killing the water fiend should in fact save them.

I also happened upon the Rosetta Stone and I didn’t have to pay $150+ for it. There was a doctor in Melmond who was very bothered I didn’t know who they were but in any case they were able to teach me the language of the “Hawkwing” people. Thus named because their city is on the part of the land that looks like the wing of a hawk. 

So as it turns out the Hawkwing were responsible for the Airship I’m floating around in. Is there any subtlety in them being the HawkWING people?  

Well despite having built the airship parking SUCKED. I had a long walk to get to their little city as you can see below.

I was able to pick up Holy and Flare though while there. They also gave me the bell so I could enter the Tower of Mirage.

But on the trek back to the ship I ran into some “Winter Wolves”. I couldn’t resist…

I got to the Tower of Mirage and worked my way up to the Floating City. Where I fought AIR. I can see why its so angry, its very brown, clearly there is some pollution going down.

That is NOT healthy air. It’s angry dirty air. And somehow I can defeat it with a sword but… yea… Air.

I did manage to defeat the air fiend and restored the final crystal. Petyr was the surprise hero of the fight with this fiend. I had picked up some spells before I went into the Tower and one of those spells was Break which petrifies an enemy. But much like Poison and Quake it is an insta-death attack. Needless to say I was surprised to find it worked on the boss because I am very used to newer games where Bosses are generally immune to such things. But not this one… So YAY! Good job Petyr. Everyone came out alive from this one.

There was also some great treasure in the Floating City and after I had missed that floor in the Sunken Shrine was a lot more careful here because I did not want to have to go back in. I managed to get some Adamantite which was NOT in a chest. It was just sitting there, on the ground.

I also fought a couple of other interesting enemies. The first being a Chimera. Chimera This thing cannot possibly be comfortable. It’s front feet are faces. Like seriously… those are faces.

I also came across Dark Flan. flan I hate fight flan in all the games. They’re such a pain to try and defeat sometimes. BUT They looked very different back in the day apparently.

The city also had a window. From this window you could see all the world below! And it was here that I got my cue for the final act of the game. Well to be honest I am assuming its the final act. I have defeated four fiends: earth, fire, water and air. I figure now its time to meet the puppet master. The crystals converged to one spot…world
But before I journey to the center of the world… I need to do some leveling up and I need to fill in some of the few remaining empty slots in my spells. I don’t know about this installment but my experience with Final Fantasy games, and honestly Square games in general, is the final fight is never a single fight. But instead a multi-stage fight. I want to be prepared.

Also I took the Adamantite to the only blacksmith I’ve come across in the game. He had his dream come true to work with it and gave me the resulting sword– Excaliber! King Arthur… eat your heart out.  excaliber

So this is where I am now. I have leveled up so everyone is level 30. I did make an attempt for the final dungeon however the foes I met just working my way through the maze to the boss proved to be a bit more than I was prepared for. I opted to call it a night for now. I’m going to try to do some more grinding and get my level up a little higher across the board then try again. I really hope to have a good result soon. I am so close to the end.


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