Inventory Control

So I haven’t done much but a little running around, some grinding and trying to build up some Gil so I can buy some level 7 and 8 spells.

As I wandered the world I went into a desert. In this desert I found a place with one item for sale… A bottled Faerie… it was very expensive — 50,000 gil.

I bought it… they now have no stock… But I guess at that price it just take one sale!

I did take on a side quest to save the mermaids… There were no mermaids and it wasn’t a side quest. It was just part of the main quest. I really just went to where the water fiend was. I actually defeated this one in one go, and NO deaths! Sam lived through this one! His first fiend battle survival! Yay! Clearly he is growing stronger. He may haul us up Mount Doom after all!

But I made too quick of an exit I think. I think I must have missed some chests or something key because the only places I can find that I haven’t visited I can’t get into.

I didn’t explore this one as well as I have others. I guess that will be my goal next time to dive back in… yes I wrote that.

But I did bring back the water crystal! Woo!


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