Every Step You Take

You will fight something… Seriously.

I absolutely hated Chapter 13 of FFXV, because it was just a frustrating maze. Well so is the Terra Cave. Doing a run through is hell when you also get stopped every few steps to fight yet another thing. Getting through the first three floors to the first boss was hard enough, then getting through those and then to the next two…

Worse is after all that, I died.

I did finally get the Life spell. I’m thrilled I can bring back someone from the dead! YAY! They come back with 1 HP but hell they come back. Currently I’m only level 12 so I can only cast the spell once. I think that I may be able to beat this boss without doing more grinding but it will require more thought and planning for how to fight.

I’m thinking I will need to try and heal up more before I enter the fight. Use Petyr to get Haste as quickly as possible on Jon then on Sansa. Steel on Jon and possibly Sam. Sam has started to get more useful recently but his HP has stunted which kinda sucks but at least his attacks are getting better.

Anyways… yea… I will report on how that all goes.

On a side note: The timed quest this week on FFXV is to fight some snakes.

Look at that snake, that snake looks like its stoned… It’s not really a hard fight just kind of tedious because there is so many and the space is small so its easy to accidentally get too far and risk resetting. I got back in every time but still a threat.

Last weeks challenge was the Dread Behemoth which had some awesome rewards but was too difficult for me. I am level 99, the cap I believe is 120, and the behemoth is at 140.

Gladio took the loss pretty hard. We ran… oh how we ran…


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