Back to the Grind

So this week FFXV’s timed quest was a doozy. I only ran it once unlike the Cactuar quest from last week. This week you fight two Malboros and two Marlbodooms. It should switch over tomorrow to something else.

But that is not my focus. I did get back to playing the first game. I was trying to wake a sleeping prince and looking into some cave. However, the cave is a very classic puzzling dungeon. The stuff inside is pretty strong. And with no phoenix down I have found I am not quite strong enough to take on the dungeon and the boss inside. SO… I’m doing some grinding trying to build a couple more levels and buy level 4 spell, Esuna. Poison does seem to happen pretty easily in this one.
This isn’t much of an update I hope to have more to write about next time. But work and life and such always impairs my ability to play as much as I’d like to play! And then with XV doing these timed quests its totally eating into my gaming time.

But this weekend was PAX East and Square Enix had some stuff lined up, among that stuff is this video on the first DLC episode for XV featuring Gladio-


Needless to say I am very excited for this release. It looks like it will offer a good challenge and be a great addition to the story and the character.

Well it is late and I have work in the morning I better shut this down here. Until next time!


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