First Impressions

Well I have now played a little of Final Fantasy, not much as it is late and I am tired. But my first impressions of the first game. I’m feeling nostalgic for the NES days. I named my characters after Game of Thrones Characters, Jon, Sam, Sansa and after not being able to get Littlefinger to fit I misspelled Petyr’s name to Peter. So I guess the black mage doesn’t totally fit my theme now.

It is strange to start a game without at least starter equipment. I had to first outfit myself with weapons and magic.

The current quest is to save the kings daughter.

Right now though before I am really working on the quest I’ve gone to level up some because I spent too much gil on equipment and I have no potions. I don’t know if I will need them right away but I’d feel much safer at least with one.

But enough for tonight. Tomorrow I will explore more.


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