First Impressions

Well I have now played a little of Final Fantasy, not much as it is late and I am tired. But my first impressions of the first game. I’m feeling nostalgic for the NES days. I named my characters after Game of Thrones Characters, Jon, Sam, Sansa and after not being able to get Littlefinger to fit I misspelled Petyr’s name to Peter. So I guess the black mage doesn’t totally fit my theme now.

It is strange to start a game without at least starter equipment. I had to first outfit myself with weapons and magic.

The current quest is to save the kings daughter.

Right now though before I am really working on the quest I’ve gone to level up some because I spent too much gil on equipment and I have no potions. I don’t know if I will need them right away but I’d feel much safer at least with one.

But enough for tonight. Tomorrow I will explore more.


30 Years

In 1987 Japan experienced the release of the first Final Fantasy game. Just a few months ago the world experienced the release of the fifteenth installment of the primary line of games. There are several spin offs that do not even receive the glory of a number.

I am loathe to admit that I have played very few in the grand scheme of things. So, my goal for the 30th anniversary of the series, which has given me HOURS of enjoyment, worlds to explore, characters to fall in love with, and stories to lose myself in, is to play the numbered installments starting from the beginning.

Many of the games are available for purchase in the PlayStation store. Now obviously this isn’t the same as playing Final Fantasy on an NES but given my severe lack of a NES this is the best I can do because I was also unable to obtain a NES Classic which does have Final Fantasy according to the game list. However, in the PS Store I can get a copy of Final Fantasy Tactics for $9.99. It was on sale last week but I missed the sale… Regardless it is supposed to be Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy II and I can play these on my PS3.

I am excited to play through more the series. To experience the other stories and see the other characters in this line of games. I want to track my experiences with this blog. I want to see how my own personal favorites change as I go through each installment.

So I will begin by admitting which games I’ve played to completion of the primary line of games: FFX, FFXII, FFXIII, FFV.

So the basics of what I intend to do is play the numbered games, at this time no sequels or side games. And I will NOT be playing the MMORPGs – FFXI & FFIV. Quite honestly I don’t even know if XI is still up and running anyways.

As of right now my favorite of the series is FFXII. I don’t know if I expect that to really change but I’m open it.

I will rank the games as I go along to see where the ones I’ve never played or never finished fall in.

Currently before starting the ranks are as follows:

  1. FFXII
  2. FFV
  3. FFX

Now one thing I do want to say is that I actually really enjoyed XIII. It is my least favorite of the bunch but I do not want it misconstrued that I disliked this game in any way.

Also my top 5 favorite characters before starting:

  1. Balthier (FFXII)
  2. / 3. Noctis/Ignis (I can’t really decide so these two are really just 2 & 3) (FFV)

4. Snow (FFXIII)

5. Lightning (FFXIII)

Now this is a list of characters I just enjoy. Not necessarily reflective of the most useful because Ignis is delightful but Mr. *snap* I’ve come up with a new recipeh is not really always the most helpful in battle.

My top 5 most useful in a fight characters before starting are:

  1. Snow (FFXIII)
  2. Balthier (FFXII)
  3. Auron (FFX)
  4. Noctis (FFV)
  5. Hope (FFXIII)

Now this list is a little more skewed because I can say that FFXII is the only game I’ve maxed all the characters to 99 on and I had the Zodiac spear so Balthier was pretty damn ready for a fight. And overall these all kind of depends on how you level up characters and the skills you chose.

So all that being said, if anyone is bored and interested to see where this goes, I am now going to dive into Final Fantasy Origins, starting with the first game.

I will post again soon!